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The Reality of Equality

It's like every time I turn around I hear about yet another way we as women are getting short end of the stick.

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-if we marry too young it's an issue, too late same thing
-if we have our babies at a young age it's a life changer, if we wait too long it might not even be possible
-men don't prefer older women, it's like after certain number our use has expired
-women are more tolerant of their loved ones gaining a few pounds or loosing some hair but ladies...tell me does the same apply to us?
-if we chose career over family we are frowned upon and vice verse same thing
-if we are assertive we are Bitches but your man does the same and he's a go getter
-the way you dress dictates how you will and can be treated...Really?!

I can add a few more things to this list but I will leave it here and touch on this link I came across a few weeks ago.
It is work force related and as usual it's a MAN discussing what WOMEN could, should or shouldn't do.
Then once the crap has spilled from their mouths, they want to try and backtrack, re tweak the words and or apologize.
This one is in regards to Women and Pay Raise.

Ladies, let's continue to raise strong young women and respectful young men so articles such as these can become less and less of the norm.
Let's associate positive words with independence and strength in our fellow females.

Here's the link tell me what you think?
Dad's you can join in the convo too, l have tons of love for you!
It isn't about believing everything we read, its about knowledge.
Staying informed and up to date so we have the power to make wiser choices.


Comments rooted in ignorance must be addressed and stopped.
Support all the women you know in their life choices, in the paths they choose to achieve their happiness.

Always stress free xo.

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