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H2O an after thought?

It's the day before Thanksgiving & the weather is trying for certain. I was slipping and sliding all the way to my car after work.
I wanted to take a few moments to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the reads, comments and shares xoxo!

Remember what this day is truly all about and on that note...I wanted to leave you with food for thought.


Who would want to write a post on water and why?

Water is every where right? We all use it every day, everyone has access to water, no big deal right?


illustration by eofdreams.com

Many of us take water for granted. We never pay much attention to it, as far as where it comes from, is it clean, will we run out.
Many of us leave it running as we wash our dishes, take our showers, wash our cars in our back yards.
Some of us buy bottled water drink half and when we feel it's too warm to drink, we throw it away.

We have access to water Everywhere. In our parks, in our schools, our offices. When we go to the amusement park, the movies, to a club or a museum.
Water water water.

Do you ever stop and think about other countries and their water supply?

I grew up being just a little aware and a little mindful of how precious water can be to some.
My grandmother who is 91yrs old and my mother who's is 63yrs old always shared stories about their struggles in the Dominican Republic.
No running water, just rivers and out houses.
My grandma would share stories of her years of carry huge baskets on her head or back to carry water to and from the river. How she carried the baskets of clothes to wash and carried back home to dry on the line.
My mother would comment on fact that though her and her siblings were small and young, they too had to chip in and played a role in the families water journeys.

My mom would talk about the outhouses. I felt like I was listening to a real life Laura Ingalls. I couldn't image what that looked like or even smelled like until I visited my own fathers farm in DR and experienced it for myself. Needless to say I did #1 in the river when we bathed and I held on to #2 till we got back into town. I know I know TMI.
But the point is, not many of us have a clue about this sort of stuff.

My daughter's idea of roughing it in the woods camping, being she is not friends with any type of bug would most likely be a cabin, with everything...Inside.
Heck that would be my 1st choice too.

So when I ran into this information and read up on what the actor Matt Damon is doing it touched my heart, bought back memories of stories, reminded me of my families past and I wanted to share.

There are soooo many wonderful ways to give back, to pay forward, to make a difference, to shine a light of hope.
Find one that speaks to you and your family, share it with your kids so that they learn to be grateful.

I am including links with info.
Tell me what you think, do you have stories to share about your own family and their modest upbringing? Have you heard your grandparents or even great grandparents talk about their struggles as youths in their place of birth?



Always stress free xo.

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