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I am Obsessed with Succulent Plants & any other plant that survives Apartment living

Happy Thursday!

It seems like I haven't shared a treat with you in a minute but though this share is not edible it certainly can be useful if like me you love plant life but have issues keeping them alive and especially in small spaces such as an apartment.

Since my childhood I have loved plants, my mother was a huge plant lover and grower as well. Our apartments always had plants hanging somewhere.

When I moved out on my own I continued the "tradition" lol and haven't stopped since. They say plants in your home have many benefits in some Latin homes you will here that they soak up bad juju if someone comes in your home with so called "evil eye". 
Hey if that's true I am just fine.
I have enough plants to cover all bases.

So this past summer wasn't any different when I incorporated Succulent plants in my home.

I started with an Aloe Vera plant then Mother in Law plant. I added a Black Flower plant and some Air plants.
I ended my craze with an Amazon purchase of 25 variety pack of cactus & succulent starter plants.

I took my Amazon purchase and rooted them which is when you take leaves from your plants and make more plants from them. You use Rooting powder which you can purchase at Home Depot and Cactus soil.
There are tons of sites and You Tube videos dedicated to this. Search find what works for you and have fun!!!

I also got into making my own Terrariums. I purchased the bowls at Petlands Discount for about $6/8 bucks each depending on the size. The smaller glasses are candle holders I purchased for 99cents each at a Dollar store.
The stones and terra cotta dishes (which I painted with chalk paint) I bought at Micheal's on sale, the drop glass Air plant holders and Air plant food are from Amazon on sale. 
Miracle grow which I purchased at Home Depot was for use on monthly waterings.

So here is my picture share of my babies and not so babies! They did fantastic over the summer now they don't require as much water but still plenty of love and light. I plan on rooting some more but will wait till after the winter. I did learn a new word in my planting sessions Propagation.
Which is what I spoke of earlier when I took leaves off the plants and replanted with Root powder.

I am currently Propagating my Black Flower plant. I found a great how to video online and tried it. 
These plants aren't really that cheap so I wanted to try and make more from one I had and guess what? Its working!!! Here is the picture share to prove it. You can see roots growing from the original plant and little florets from the stem cuttings!!!

Feel free to share some of your own tips and tricks. Contact me if you have any questions I will be glad to share all I know!

Always stress free xo.

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