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The many faces of Poverty

Thanksgiving will be here soon.

We are all gearing up for dinners, shopping, family and friends time.
We are all making lists, checking twice. We are book marking sites, checking for best deals.
What about those who aren't? What about those who can't?

Do you ever stop and think about the poor? What is your definition of poor? Do you know any poor people?

When I was younger I held on to the images I saw on TV or in the streets as my idea of poor. I thought the homeless were the only poor people. I thought it was only a small group of people but when I got older I learned differently.
I learned that poor and poverty was more than those images and that the stories that came along with those labels were vast in variety.

The biggest thing I've learned is that anyone can be a paycheck, a hardship, an illness away from Poverty.
Poverty by States

I came across this article and wanted to share with you, my lovelies because I wanted all of us as we prepare for the holidays to keep this story in mind and find ways to reach out and help others.To give back and show our gratitude for all our blessings.
As a single mom and possibly someday very well a single paycheck away from things going left I am always mindful of my blessings.

No one is immune to downfall.

illustration by poverty free.org

This season try to volunteer and use the opportunity to teach your children about how there are people less fortunate. Teach them about compassion, empathy and contributing to the world they live in.
I will be volunteering at The New York Rescue Mission, I will be collecting toys for Tots, I will be donating to my local food pantries.
What will you be doing this Holiday season to give back?

Always stress free xo.

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