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Giving Up

These thoughts come just at the right time! Christmas is just a few days away and everyone has lost their minds or so it appears if you are driving or in a store.
Today I almost got sideswiped twice by crazy drivers not looking at where they were going. I saw people with more bags than they could carry and I saw lines out the doors.

Thank heavens I am not in that mindset and thank heavens that I also made it home in one piece!
I handled my grandmother duties, I invested my time making her laugh and happy and I sat to write my thoughts...

Less is more, More is less.
Quality beats Quantity
Minimum effort Maximum results

On my minimalist journey these past several months I've had to reprogram my brain and in doing so I have found such clarity. I notice things and pay closer attention to how advertising works, store placement, magazines, commercials etc...there goal is to make you think you need. Make you feel like you are missing out on something if you don't have this or that.

They play on our weakness for excess. Wanting to be like so and so, competing to have the latest and greatest.

But at what expense?

Our safety net, our bills paid on time, our home repairs, our kids educations, our self esteem, our sanity, our we are good enough mindset?

illustration by blog.drmalpani.com

When I started this challange I took stock of what I had in my closet. Blouses, shirts, sweaters, slacks, jeans, leggings the works.
I realized I had a need for nothing but a want for a few things.
I have enough clothes and accessories to last me well over two months without repeating too much of one item and I decided that would be enough.

No commercial, no magazine, no sale, no extra week in the month was or is going to deter me from my goals from my plans.
I keep telling myself "look at bigger picture" and that is what I am continuing to do.

If you ask me what is One thing I could give up and not care I will answer that as of now it's jeans. What I have is more than enough.
I can mix and match, cuff uncuff, dress up or down.
If you ask me what is One thing I cannot give up I will say at this point is my search for a great mustard yellow or tangerine orange Winter wool coat!
Hey I'm being honest. Wish me luck in finding it while in all other aspects I continue to stick to my guns.

Do you fall trap to the commercials? The magazines?
What have you purchased because you "thought" you had to have it but really didn't "need" it?

Always stress free xo.

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