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Speaking Love. How Does your love come across to others?

I always enjoy finding something in my inbox that makes me stop and review my current circumstances.

That piece of mail that connects me to an article or quote that brings reflection. Lately with my duties to my grandmother increasing I have found that my Meditation time has been cut and that reflects on my shortness of attention and some of the words coming out of my mouth.
I still meditate and I make sure I incorporate it some how along my day, sometimes several times a day. I just find that I truly need a longer sit down in order for my intent to be clear.
Clarity and Purpose are critical tools in dealing with people, especially loved ones.

I recently started following the lovely GG Renee over @ Allthemanylayers.com. I came across her through another lovely lady named Ivy over at Seebodyloveself.org.
You see I don't only follow and or read blogs on cooking, diy, fashion or parenting. I also read and or follow blogs in relation to self empowerment, health and healing.
That can mean different things to different people.

GG over at her page had a great thing going called #30layers30days and its a great exercise in connecting with yourself. In reading it I've find great motivation to remain on my path and not fall off due to emotions.
By this I mean the emotions my lack of connection with my blood relatives causes me.
She shared a great quote a few weeks ago that bought me to writing this post.

What did I take away from reading this?

I took away that in my family there is all types of love but that no one expresses it as I do. That we all may care but lack of communication makes it impossible to show. That sometimes loving people means keeping a distance so that you may keep your sanity and peace.
The language of love they speak is not nurturing. It does not come from a place of empowerment or comfort. It comes from a place of self doubt and chaos. It comes at arms length.

I don't understand that love because the language of love I speak in my home and with the family I have built for myself, it is seen, felt and heard every day.
There is no wondering, no doubt and no feeling as if the rug will be pulled out from under you at any moment.
The language is clear and with purpose. To lift , to support, to comfort, to bring peace.

My daughter and I had an exchange recently that ties into what this quote bought to me. It made me stop and think about how we have been talking. I commented we are two people and if the communication is poor it is on us to stop, take a look within ourselves and see where it is coming from. I said things along the line of I've been your mother for almost 20 years and when day comes our language is not on the same page then it's time to figure something else out.

Parenting, Motherhood, Relationships are all about "the language". Connections are all about intent. What you put in you will get back.
Be mindful of your expressions and be aware that "language" is not always just words.
Some people are not great at verbal expressions but their physical actions speak volumes. Learn how to listen even with your eyes, sometimes.
If the actions are just as clear as words would be than learn to be open to that but if the words are lacking just as much as the actions then it is time to refocus and start a conversation.

What language are you speaking? Is it clear to those you love? Are you on the same page?
Are you even speaking Love?

Always stress free xo.

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