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How often do You think about how Beautiful you are?

I have a Big Question for you, actually two.

How many minutes in a day do you invest thinking of how Beautiful you are?
How many minutes in a day do you invest thinking of all the things that are wrong with you?
Now that I provided you with a hummmm moment, sit with these thoughts some more.
Did it take you longer to calculate the beautiful thoughts or the negative thoughts?
Were you comfortable with the questions? Does your own beauty even enter your mind?

Not everyone is comfortable with the subject of beauty and if you are some may call you vain, full of yourself or not humble enough.
Depending on your history and life's journey answering these questions could be very painful.
Especially as women we are taught to put others before ourselves and that in itself may impact our thoughts on beauty in some ways.

I always find it fascinating when people can't see the beauty in others and comment on it. When women see other women and point out the negative before a positive or when they themselves are complimented and they in turn say "oh no please I need to loose some weight or I need to put on some make up".

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As I have matured I have come to realize the truth in two things:
-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
-true Beauty comes from the inside first

Have you ever seen someone who you thought of as beautiful till they opened their mouth and you were turned off?
Have you ever found someone attractive that your friends thought looked ordinary?
Have you ever met someone who was ordinary and after a conversation their Beauty out shined their space?

After sitting on the questions I posed in the beginning I have my own answers.
I think about how Beautiful I am, often. Every time I pass a mirror, Every time I see my daughter, Every time I make my 91 year old feisty, Alzheimer's suffering grandma smile.
I think about how beautiful I am when I look up the sky, when I take a deep breath or when I say hello to a stranger.
I think about how Beautiful I am Every moment I am alive on this planet.

I have negative thoughts about myself, rarely. I am not a Super Model, nor do I wear a size 3. I barely
wear make up and I eat what I like. I am currently not married and I don't own my own home.
I haven't for filled all my childhood dreams and my savings is humble. I haven't traveled the world and I don't hold a College degree but...I am healthy, happy and peaceful.
I smile daily, I laugh often and I am grateful for Life.

Beautiful - having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind
-excellent of its kind
-wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying
This is the dictionary's definition of Beautiful. Do you see yourself when you read those lines?

What are your thoughts on Beauty?

Always stress free xo.

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