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Routine is Boring, Spice is Key

How is everyone this Sunday? Here in NYC it is raining, slippery and cold. My lil mama fell while on her way to work earlier this morning and had to turn back and change her shoes. Then when she finally got to work she sends me a text to not go out unless necessary because the roads were very dangerous. So that was affirmation for me to just stay in bed lounging lol.

This weather got me thinking of a post a wrote some time back about keeping the Spark in your relationship Don't lose the Spark  and I thought I would update a post I wrote on one way you can do that...

Hope you guys consider this and share how things went but keep it PG lol.

Go on a date.

Long and late work days?
Too many commitments to keep this month?
Your significant other's schedule and yours don't seem to find a date that meets?
Well how about we schedule one? Every month without fail?

As parents sometimes we tend to forget we are also adults and need alone quality time with other adults or our partners. So just like we schedule their play dates why don't we begin to schedule ours?
These dates are very important. They keep us connected intimately to our partners, give us time to bond, regroup and reconnect in ways that have nothing to do with our kids but everything to do with our family unit.

Don’t forget you have a life outside of your children.
Go to the movies, a quiet dinner, go dancing. How about a night at a hotel with a spa treatment in the morning?
Now that Winter is here why not do things that require some cuddling? Scary movies are great for that, so are Football events and it is Football season. Why not sit and enjoy the game with your sweetie. What about laying in bed giving each other foot massages as you make plans for your next date.
How about a night out Skating!!! A great excuse to hold on tight. Loose yourself in the music have a great time.

Anything that is for you and not kid related go out and do. Remember to always have fun, just because you are a parent doesn't mean it’s not allowed.
It totally is.
Spice is Key!

Always stress free xo

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