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You are what You Will!

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Women listen up!
Pay attention be Inspired!
Don't Hate, Appreciate.!
Don't say yeah But, instead say oh Wow!
Endless Possibilities... You are what you Will!

I ran into this wonderful segment some time back on Good Morning America. An uplifting piece Robin Roberts did with Gisele Budchen and Lindsey Vonn.

Now I don't care that they are celebrities and I will not focus on you thinking "of course they have money things are easy for them" no!
I want to keep the focus on their Message!

This is what more women need to listen to, need to gravitate their attention to and on.
This is what should be heard about more and celebrated often.

These ladies are part of an empowering campaign that address all is possible if you believe in yourself, focus, work hard and are your biggest cheerleader.

Nothing is easy. No diet, no surgery, no makeup, no outfit, no shoes, will make you feel powerful and truly be powerful if your spirit, heart and mind are not in tune with such belief.

I'm not trying to be corny or simplistic but it really is simple. You must first start with a belief in yourself and build from there.

Moms stop looking in the mirror and wishing to be different, go do it and encourage your daughter to do the same. Encourage her and support her to be the best she can be no matter what others say or what may come her way.

I have nothing against entertainment but what is so entertaining about watching women degrade one another, demean their partners and themselves on some of these shows out there today?
How is screaming, throwing, yelling, crying and breaking stuff entertaining?
What is the lesson in watching men talk poorly about there women or to their women?
What power are you getting from that?
You are putting money in someone else's pocket for acting like a fool? That's empowering?
You have your kids watching you watch this crap and that is uplifting?

Perhaps we need to better utilize our so called relaxing or down time.

Here are some links for a kick start...

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Always stress free xo.

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