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Kitchen Gadgets I can't live without

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Happy Sunday March has arrived!
Oh snow how you have been a pain indeed this Winter. Can we keep our hopes up for a great April? We shall see. I've spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen these past few months, more than my usual. I blame it on the cold lol. 

I think one of the most inspiring things to have in your kitchen are some great tools that assist in easy cooking. Great time savers and easy cleanups plus things that don't take up much space.

This past year I incorporated the following tools to keep me motivated in the kitchen and eating healthy. I don't like to invest to much prep time and I hate the clean up. I found these gadgets to be very helpful and fun to use.

-Slow cooker, even though some things if I were home could be cooked in less time, it helps that I set it in the morning go to work and when I return just sit down to eat. I also love the variety of things you can make in a slow cooker. Well worth the price.

-George Foreman Grill or any other brand electrical grill. I mean grilling food all year round? Sounds great to me and fantastic way to cut out some fat. I prefer the GF grill because over the years I have owned a variety of his products and the quality is very good. I also love the option of plates they come with.

-Plastic cutting board there are a variety of brands and styles. Shop around for best deal and make sure it folds so you can dump once you cut right into the pot. I also love plastic cutting boards because I think I can sanitize them better, wood boards make me nervous.

-Silicon bake ware I use them because they last long and the cleanup is great. The metal ones scratch and tarnish after a while and the glass ones take up to much space. These you can bend and stack and don't take up as much space.

-Great set of Pots and Pans no matter what your preference non stick, cast iron, aluminum etc...make sure you get the most for your money. I prefer T-Fal non stick with glass covers. I bought a 12pc set over 10 years ago still going strong!

-Hand Blender great for smoothies and batter mixing. I had the old kind where you attached the blades and lifted the mixing part but I found it just took up way to much space in my cabinets. Apartment living doesn't agree with things that take up to much space. I found mine at a discount store for $12.00 but there are plenty of varieties and places to find them online.

I have a few other gadgets that help me in my kitchen but these are my top can't be with outs.
Do you have any favorite Kitchen gadgets? What is a must have you think I should try?
What are your thoughts on Deep Fryers? I always think they use too much cooking oil? 

Always stress free xo.

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