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Broiled Salmon w/ Sugar Snap Peas and a Spring Salad

What do they say about lemons? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well today's share walks along those lines...sort of.

Hi everyone welcome to another what is Mari going to make for dinner day. I am going to share this with you Today but it actually went down on Sunday. I went out Saturday night got in pretty late and I didn't want to have to think to much about dinner. I wanted to just chill and enjoy the lingering feeling of Saturday nights great sounds. Here is my share...

I asked about lemons because when I thought about today's meal I had something totally different in mind. I went to dinner with my daughter for her Birthday and we had Edamame. What is that some of you may ask? well it's just a fancy name for boiled green soybeans. You can usually find them in Japanese restaurants as appetizers. I fell in love with these so tasty totally surprising to my palate. I told my lil mama we must try these at home. Somehow though we or maybe just me thought it was sugar snap peas. Why did I assume it was that? I have no idea other than it was green and had bumps on it. 

Ok so here is the fun part! I rant and rave to my girlfriend how I had this thing for dinner the other night and I totally want to try it at home, they are snap peas. She then surprises me a few days later with a bag full of snap peas she had picked up at the market. Today I take them out and clean them, look for ways to prepare them and when I am done they totally do not look like what I ate at the restaurant, why? well duh because the were not soybeans! I was looking for the wrong thing!!! OMG I was sooooo upset not to mention my daughter looked at me like seriously lady WTH! After I got over the boo boo I just regrouped, made adjustments and here we are. 

Thursday's Treat!
Broiled Salmon w/ Sugar Snap Peas not Soy Beans (Edamame) like I wanted

-snap peas
-side salad

Throughout the years I have learned to be ok with rolling with the punches and making adjustments when needed. I wasn't always comfy in that zone for sure. But here we are. I seasoned my Salmon pieces this time with Sazon Clasico but you may use what you wish. I washed the snap peas and trimmed the edges and set aside. I used my toaster oven so I placed small piece of aluminum foil on bake pan and spray with some PAM. 

I placed my Salmon pieces cut side down on bake sheet and broiled for 10 minutes, in the middle of that I took my medium pot filled with 2 cups of water set heat to medium got my strainer placed on top with my peas and covered. That steamed them for about 5 minutes. Here is where I noticed I had the wrong thing because they didn't look nice and plump. Here is where I used Google to find out where on earth i had gone wrong and got pist for a sec then moved on. I went on to remove peas from strainer, dumped them in pot to boil for a few more minutes.

When the 10 minutes were up I had my fish and peas done. I removed the peas from the water sprinkled some sea salt to liking and served with my Salmon. I made us a small Spring salad on the side just in case my lil mama didn't want the peas. Which, btw she didn't because she wanted guess what?, you guessed it the original menu of Edamame...smh.
Oh well, despite the change it was still a yummy and quick meal. A total of 25 minutes give or take. It was healthy and it was a lesson...do your research before you assume just because the colors are the same! 

Always stress free xo.

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