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Dear Me

Hello lovelies, today I thought I'd share something that caught my eye the other day and I wanted to give it a try. Things I would say to my younger self if I had had the chance. Turns out that there is a site you totally can do this on. It also caught my attention because as a mother of a young woman I often wonder if I would have made different choices had my mother and I been closer and had the talks my daughter and I have been having for so many years.

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When my daughter hit her teens I would always reference to the things I would say to my younger self. I guess had I not had the relationship I had with my mother I couldn't have the relationship I have with my own daughter today. So thinking about the young me and if I had to write her a letter I would say...

Dear Me,
First please believe me when I say that nothing lasts forever and things will work out as they should just breathe. You know how independent you are? Well stay on that track BUT learn to be ok with asking for help.You know how you have no patience? Well that will hurt you down the line so gain some, learn how to slow yourself down and think before you act.

Remember that you are getting older, not younger that time is moving forward not back so literally stop and smell the Roses. Look up at the sky, take your shoes off and walk on the grass. Enjoy every new task, don't frown at what you don't know, try it.
Don't rush through your days because you are going to regret that.

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Be clear. Don't use your words in haste. You know how sarcastic you can be, stop that. You know how you think you know everything, you don't. Listen carefully and learn, don't think you are only learning during school you are and will be learning FOREVER be happy and grateful about that.

When you come across that friend that first talks to you about Meditation, actually pay attention because years from now it will save your life but if you listen now perhaps the lesson will be less painful. Stay active don't forget to be playful. Participate in Gym class and test your self often. Eat better, make better choices you are on a ok path but can do even better.

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You know how you don't like to fuse over your face? Keep that up, you won't believe how glad you will be you did. Stay confident in your choice not to follow the crowd. Don't worry too much about going that extra mile to talk to your friends. The ones meant to stay around will.

Your family will remain exactly the same. The years will only bring more distance, learn to be ok with that and slowly walk away. Make peace with the fact that every family is indeed different love them from a distance and you will be alright. The family you build for yourself will be amazing.

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About guys. You know how you think that you can change people? You can't. They are who they show you so again listen, respect and be clear. Enjoy being single it's actually nice and you can have tons of fun and when the time comes know what you want so you can be open to receive, learn to listen, talk to come to better understanding and compromising is a wonderful thing.

You are a beautiful person inside and out. You are looked upon as strong and respected for your ability to carry out what you set your mind to do. You're loyal and very loving. You will always look at yourself in the mirror and do the right thing.
Again don't forget to slow down and breathe. Now go out and be grand.
Love Me,

What would your Dear Me letter say? Would it talk about love, self esteem, career or family? Would it make you laugh, cry or smile? Share your thoughts.


Always stress free xo.

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