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Today I had to Check Myself

Hey! Happy Sunday I am enjoying a peaceful day at home on my chaise lounge readying, writing and sorting through some mail.
I've had a busy but wonderful past week. I started my Words that Move writers workshop this week as well as my Women on the Edge of Evolution online conference. What an amazing experience thus far. Great shares to follow!!!

Anyhow, while I sat here a thought came to mind about something that happened to me a short while ago. One of those parenting moments some of us have we think we are above having. 

My daughter and I are extremely close. As you can see from the shares on my blog. Our differences are what allow us to continue to teach and learn from one another. 

This has always been the case in the past 20 years of our lives. In the investment of these years I have always made sure I was clear that my purpose as her mother was to guide and support. That I would have but x amount of time to do these things before she would be out in the world implementing them and on her own no longer needing so much of my guidance.

Well....here's the moment I forgot all that and then had to check myself.

You see, my daughter went away for the weekend to New Paltz to visit her friend in school. The whole weekend we only spoke via text about three times and one of those days 10 hours passed and we had not spoken, what?! That never happens, even when she would go away as a youngster to North Carolina with her best friend and her family for the summer. We always talk via text during the day, sometimes she's in class and we are yapping about music, clothes, television, something.

On the 11th hour I finally texted her and commented on the time, she just said "oh been relaxing."
With that response I said goodnight and sat with my thoughts for a while.

Why was I feeling bothered? Why was the length of time an issue? What was going on in my head?
Answer...my daughter is getting older and has her own life.
She is implementing all I have taught and for some brief moments I wasn't prepared for the reality of it. Part of the parenting package. Motherhood life.

At her age I was already living on my own for a year and living with her dad at that. I had a full time job, had passed on College and was totally responsible for myself and my household. I should have been totally ok with the lack of communication for a few hours but I wasn't.
I had to check myself.

Everything is fine, we are still as close as ever, she still likes my company and we are growing in our journey together. She is just growing up, into a wonderful independent young woman. Just like you wanted, just like you said and just like you did.

Motherhood life...sometimes we just have to Check Ourselves. Have you had one of these moments? Share how you handled it. 

Always stress free xo. 

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