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Teriyaki Tilapia w/ Herbs

Hey loves I originally wrote this post last week but I'm sharing it today hope you enjoy xo! Off to Arts and Crafts volunteer night.

Today is an amazing day! Everyday is amazing but today I'm super excited because as I'm making dinner I'm listening to Claire Zammit leader of the Feminine Power courses.
I signed up for this week long online seminar and it's been so empowering, informative, uplifting and connecting.

It has shown me the wonderful power we all have if we unite, work together, support one another. Please look up Feminine-Power , emergingwomen.com for more info.....

Ok so because I wanted to invest most of my time listening and not cooking I decided to make the following and it was under 30 minutes.

Thursday's Treat!
Teriyaki Tilapia w/ Herbs
-Tilapia fish
-teriyaki sauce
-crushed red peppers
-lime juice

I mixed 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce, 1/4 parsley flakes, 1tsp of crushed peppers and 1tbs of lime juice in a medium bowl. I added several pieces of Tilapia fillets all depends on how many you are serving. I coated the fish and set aside for a few minutes.
I turned toaster oven to broil setting at 350 degrees, placed bake tray with fish and set timer for 10 minutes.
After timer went off we were done. This time I had a few choices to serve with. I had leftover white rice, I had wheat wraps and some salad. I let my daughter pick what she wanted I choose to make a wrap.

Delish! Healthy and fun. Off to focus on my seminar.

Always stress free xo.

Spread some smiles! Happy Mother's Day

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