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What's your Interpretation?

Hey lovelies, nice to see you here once again. I wanted to share with you today something I wrote in my Writers Workshop class. I had commented to you guys some time ago that I was working on some new things, testing myself and some new waters. In early May I joined this class because I really want to expand my writing beyond this Blog. Now don't get me wrong I love this platform it connects me to people and things I wouldn't on a regular but I don't just want to linger here.

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I don't want to get comfortable and fall into a routine. I want Mommywood to extend her branches everywhere. Just like motherhood has helped me branch out of my little safety zone. Ive said many times how sometimes becoming a parent pushes us to loose touch of who we are, wanted to be and of our dreams. Well writing has always been my method of reason and peace. The place I go to and pour everything out. Where nothing is off limits and permission is granted to be totally free.

Whatever or wherever this place is for you, please return to it don't let it go. You don't have to loose it to be a good parent. It won't take away from their time, if anything it can help you be even better. Being true to ourselves can only help all those around us.

Anyway this workshop was amazing it was four weeks I did it online at my pace. It was not intrusive, it was very revealing and I got to meet some great ladies and possibly build new friendships. It was run by the lovely GG Renee over at allthemanylayers.com please go check her out.
One of the assignments was to use nine (9) words in a poem. I haven't written a poem in many years. This assignment tested me for sure, I wasn't comfortable at first but then I just let loose and didn't take myself too seriously. Life is about testing yourself and pushing away fears.

These were the words:

Life       Climb     Sensual
Hope     Forget    Closed
Water    Dig         Red

This is what I shared with the class, we had an awesome time with how everyone used the words...hope you enjoy.

My life changed with your sensual touch
I had so long hoped for the possibility of us.
How could it be that you came to me, just as I was feeling so lost.
Hope trickled through my veins, like water in a pipe I knew then your time was just right.

I had long before closed the door to anything this freeing
but when you held me tight, my world had a whole new meaning.
You made me forget all my past regrets and start dreaming a new
I can't believe that in my time of misery I found you.

It was like a climb on a steep hill with no set direction,
I looked into your eyes and had such affection.
You released the tension, the fear, the knot in my heart
What I once thought if discovered would fall apart.

Your kisses left my lips blood red, swollen, full of fire
I never want them to end I only want you to take me higher.
Someone please dig me out of this darkness I would sometimes say
Days came and days went and then you passed my way.

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After I wrote it and shared the fear was gone, in the end we all must interpret things in our own way and not allow other's thoughts of what we do or say cloud our mind and our journey. As a mom this is something I want my daughter to always know and use in her life's journey.

What do you think? Do you have something you have wanted to share but are afraid of how it will be interpreted? Is there a dream you have put away but would love to bring to the light again?
Share with me.

Always stress free xo.

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