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Why can't we Dance together?

Hope everyone had a great Sunday was out and about enjoy this great weather got to my post a little later than I had hoped but I really wanted to chat a bit about something I came across on Friday. I took some notes and wanted to share them.

This is a very exciting month for many of our kids so many activities going on end the of school year which for some means Graduation and the ever exciting...Prom. So many plans to make everything has to be and look perfect. Some of these dresses are absolutely mind blowing. Of course with that comes the pressure of the oldie but goodie Dress Code. I personally think that some of these things are just extra but also some parents just aren't talking to their kids about what is appropriate age attire.

Sorry but a 17 year old shouldn't be wearing a Beyonce outfit period. It's not about being old fashioned or not up to date etc... its about she is a grown women and you are a teenager...period!
But this isn't so much of a concern to me as what I was just made aware of recently. Things that are happening around us and we just may be clueless.

Were you guys aware that in the most recent years there have still been places with Segregated Proms? Yes you are reading correctly. I didn't pull this out of a hat or make it up this is happening in some places today.

           illustration by pixgood.com

I guess I just continue to be dumbfounded by humanity and the country I live in. I must still walk around with blinders at some of the neighbors that some people have to deal with. And I only found this through an interview with musician John Legend. He, through his production company will along with Photographer Gillian Laub present a documentary on HBO that touches on this subject along with two other stories. I want to get back though to the Prom thing.

I can't even imagine what that would have been like at my own prom. We were such a large, mixed group it was normal life. We all came from different places, had different stories, different faces.
How would that have worked?

Would I have not been able to dance with Jerry? We had such a blast when "It Takes Two" by Rob Base came on! Would Queen and Regina be missing from our table? Would Katarina and Maryann share a limo ride with someone else? Would Craig and Jeffrey not be the cutest ever in the bold pattern ties? Would I not have helped Ying reclip her hair when her bun was falling apart? Would Kai and Leslie have to find new dates? OMG my thoughts are just racing through this wonderful day in my life with all these people I loved. All the laughs, the tears, the hugs. Everyone dancing, singing, eating and drinking...together.

           illustration by motorkid.com

Katarina was my homegirl in draft class, she use to help me with my drawings. I was so terrible at drawing faces and she use to help me out often. Her family was from Russia, they came to this country when she was 3 her accent was awesome we all loved to hear her speak. Would she not have been able to be part of our crew that night? I can't imagine my ride to Prom without her because she use to smoke and I would always get on her about that. First thing I said to her when she came in the Limo was "No Smoking!"

These memories and so much more come to mind of that wonderful night. The fact it was so wonderful because of the people who shared in it. To imagine investing four years with so many people I loved and to end that run in Separation fills me with sadness. These perhaps are things not many of us put thought into because we may not be aware but now that we are what do we do?

                  illustration by clipart

As some of our kids get ready for their Prom how would we talk to them about this if it was an issue in their school? How would we explain away that it's ok to cheer your friends on at a basketball game or football. That certain activities can be done together but being at a dance with some of those same people is a no no.

I'm interested in the conversations to come out if this. I am curious as to what people have to say, please share your thoughts and comments with me. Is this a big deal or something we shouldn't talk about. Shared some links...


Always stress free xo.

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