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Your Pop Up Ads are killing me!!!

My lovelies, how I even made it out of a Blog I just visited is beyond me but I am here, What the heck am I even talking about you might be asking yourself. Trust that I am not going cray but allow me to explain.

Sorry I didn't start with back story before I went full blown but my head is still spinning. So I'm looking through my emails as I usually do around 10;30am. I settle into my office routine, get cozy in my chair plan out my work day and get to reading. I see an interesting share from a Blogger I follow, usually her stuff is always awesome. Very creative etc...so I click read in browser and when it opens up 2 seconds in I was bombarded with pop ups from all the ads running on her page!!!

Ads for clothes, for vacation spots, for makeup, for children's clothes, you name it she had an ad going for it. I would x out of one and another would show up shortly after as I tried to read her post. Tried being the operative word. I was so pist at the process I just stopped reading all together and moved on to my next task.

illustration by bestuninstalltip.com

My loves, I am all about getting yours. I love me some green too but please, at what expense? One of the things I talked about on a post I wrote not to long ago my-top-five-social-media-tips was how to be mindful of what you run on your page and what you link to your Brand. We can all use some exposure and of course the extra cash, but if when I visit your page I am distracted and frustrated I can't see what you have posted, why should I stick around?

Especially some of us ladies, we love to shop of course but we also have loads to do. Clean up after the morning breakfast, get laundry sorted, take the car in for service, get to that meeting with our thoughts in order, prepare our paper for our night class and so forth. We don't want to invest our time, even if just seconds on crap.

illustration by dotfab.com

May I suggest that you perhaps tone down your ads? Maybe set them up on the side and not as a slide that moves with the page as I am reading? How about you ad a picture I can just click and not a balloon that blocks my view? What about you cut them down to just 3 and not 15?

So please if your listening, this is to the Ad Queens out there I love you but....your Pop Ups are killing me! What do you have to say? Am I the only one running into this issue? If I am not, share what you have run into.

Always stress free xo.

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