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Penne w/ my so called easy Creamy Alfredo Sauce

Happy Thursday lovelies! Hope everyone is well sure some of us are in the process of end of the school year events. I took the day off today to run some errands and rest my head, been dealing with some grandma stuff that's got me a bit unsettled. I want to cook early so I can just clean up and do nothing later on so I opened my fridge and cabinets took a mental picture and this came out...

Thursday's Treat
Penne w/ my so called easy Creamy Alfredo Sauce

-penne pasta
-cream cheese
-sweet peppers
-Italian flavor Parmesan cheese
-plum tomatoes

I have tried a variety of ways to make Alfredo sauce but they always have something I don't like or that I don't use or that I know will be bad for my skin. We are what we eat even if we want to ignore that fact. So I decided to stick to stick to two things for cream effect and one thing for seasoned flavor.

I used half a box of Penne so we can have leftovers, cut 1 plum Tomatoes into cubes, 1/2 cup of yellow & 1/2 cup of orange sweet peppers. You can adjust measure to amount of servings you will have or crunch taste you desire. Cook pasta to desired tenderness, drain water put back on the flame. Add 3 tablespoons of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of milk (not pictured) sorry got distracted, mix well if not creamy enough for you add another tablespoon of cream cheese. Add the tomatoes and peppers, mix some more turn off flame and done.
Serve and sprinkle some Italian flavored Parmesan cheese Enjoy!

Feel free to sprinkle regular Parm cheese if you wish I just had this sample size and wanted to try it. Cooking is about trail and error and lots of fun so don't forget that. I'm done, kitchens cleaned up as well. I'll serve myself shortly and relax.

Always stress free xo.

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