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Which Door will you Choose?

For any women who still doesn't see the beauty in their own individuality and skin this is for you. For that women who doubts her beauty just as she is this is for her and for the mom who is projecting her lack of self esteem on her own children / daughter this is for you.

I get that we can have a day where we just feel like crap. Your hair is just not cooperating, you feel bloated, you don't like anything in your closet and in my case today you may have a blemish or two. I have been getting a few breakouts recently in my jawline / chin area and from what I read it's related to hormones so I have to do better with my food choices and tweak my workout routine for sure. All this being said I have never looked at myself or thought of myself as anything less than beautiful on a great day and cute or pretty on a regular day.

That confidence comes from me working with what I have. I have great teeth so I smile a lot but when I frown I look old like my grandma. I have expressive eyes so I try to always make eye contact but my nose to some may be a bit big. My hair is thick and curly a lot to manage especially when I was a kid but now I appreciate it and as a treat invest a few hours at the Salon under the dryer. I dislike makeup I don't want to waste my time but mascara and something on my lips once in a blue is fine. The point I am making is....I focus on the up side.

illustration by express.co.uk

Dove lately has come up with some great campaigns focusing on accepting yourself just for you and taking care of the skin we are in. So when I first heard about the "door" campaign I was excited to see what it was about. When I saw it I had tears in my eyes.
I watched it in my office and had to quickly grab a tissue in case someone came past my door.

To see some women and young ladies struggle with which door to choose was sad.

I want to say this to you...stop looking at someone else to reflect Your beauty. They are not you, you are unique you are one. If you don't love what you see, if you don't love you no one else will either.
Don't confuse making a simple style change which is perfectly normal to trying to look like someone else by any means necessary which is not normal. There is only one Angelina Jolie only one Faith Hill only one Kerry Washington only one Beyoncé only one Jennifer Lopez...ONE.

You don't like the little belly your wonderful child gifted you? Then go on You Tube find a five minute video to help you out. You don't like the marks your little sunshine left behind? Get some darn Coconut oil and rub them every night to lighten them. I side lighten I didn't say disappear. You don't like the wrinkles in your forehead? Stop frowning smile more and be grateful for the parentheses around your mouth I am! But all these things still shouldn't stop you from choosing the amazing "Beautiful" door.

illustration by mirror.co.uk

Today is the day you begin to embrace yourself! The day you say "so and so" your a real bad ass! The day you look in the mirror and smile at that women you see in front of you. The day you say "F" the magazines, the commercials, your neighbor and those in society who say you could look better if only blah blah blah.

Check out the link I included, tell me what you think. Ask yourself "what door would you like your daughter to choose?" How would you feel if she thought she was just Average?

Always stress free xo.

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