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And I wasn't Disappointed

Happy Hump day!!! Picture me blowing a horn. Some are complaining about the heat wave we are in the middle of but noooooo not me. Bring it on, I just finally was able to erase those memories of shoveling my car out of the snow. I am making the most of this summer regardless what comes my way and speaking of what has come my way....

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I had a great opportunity not to long ago to take a break from my grandma duties if even for a few hours and go meet one of my man crushes. I have several but this one has been on going since 1999.
He is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside and talking to and with him is inspiring, uplifting, informative and freeing. I was fortunate enough to meet Tyrese!!!
Yes ladies, that Tyrese sing to me "Lately", kiss on me "Baby Boy", shot down the Decepticon's in "Transformer's movies", drive fast and say the silliest things "Fast and Furious franchise" Tyrese!

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I got the chance to join him at a meet and greet in Brooklyn thanks to a friend of mine. What a blast.
He discussed several things, he really is a talker but I am too so I didn't mind. It beats meeting someone you have admired and them turning out to be a total jerk. He shared his journey spoke about family, love, life, and being comfortable with who you are once you have found clarity. He spoke about his music and his acting career, his passion for new possibilities and of course his love and respect for Paul Walker. He shared his views on parenting and the importance of Co-Parenting in a civil manner. His court struggles and the disservice bitter x's project on their children. I even asked questions about the songs on his new album (which btw I totally love) and I wasn't disappointed.
He answered mine and every other question very specifically and clear.

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Ladies he confirmed that with anything in life as long as you have great communication anything is possible. There are great men and women out there you just have to know what you want and put yourself in the place to find them. And his smile is not bad at all, it truly melts you away. I was happy to have been a part of his last album promotional stops. When you decide to end something important in your life it should reflect the love you had for it and the joy it bought you. It should be the best you have to offer and this album totally reflects all of that and more.
compliments of 103.9 in NYC yes that's me on the right!!!

Tyrese, thank you for sharing your space with me and with so many others. It has been a pleasure to watch your growth and development. I look forward to your future endeavors for I know you still a lot more to offer this world.

So lovelies if you get the opportunity to meet someone you have loved from a distance I hope you grab it with both hands and I hope it isn't a disappointment.

Always stress free xo.


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