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DIY Succulent Tier Planter

Good Morning loves, hope everyone enjoyed their 4th safely. I've been working on this project lately and I finally put the pictures together so I could share it with you. Summer time always brings out the green thumb in me. Though I don't have a home yet where I can go out to my backyard and get creative I do make the most of my NYC Apartment living.

You really can't go wrong with again my favorites, Succulent plants so here is my latest addition...
Tier Planter!
-variety of 2" succulent plants
-bag of miracle gro cactus palms & citrus potting mix
-tin planters variety of sizes (michael's craft store)
-glue gun
-chalk paint
-white paint
-decorative stones

I order a few new plants from Amazon.com they have numerous selections so that was a great choice for me. I headed to Michael's craft store and bought 3 tin planters on sale about $6.00 total. I had my potting soil from previous planting. I had to purchase a glue gun that was about $8.00 but its an investment for future projects so I was ok with it. I also had available my handy chalk paint which I just love!

I arranged the tins as I wanted them placed then I drilled several holes in the bottoms and sides for water drainage then I glued them together. I set them aside for a few minutes and then I used a small paint brush to chalk paint the tins. I used 2 coats and let them sit for about 2 hours.  
I made my labels with Word program at work and since I don't have a label printer at the moment I used the old fashion method of tracing. I used color chalk in the back of the paper and traced with a pencil. This was a trick I used back in the day in my sewing class as well. I find that making things with love for your home is very relaxing and when you use your imagination to bring a project to life that is the icing on top! Use what's available to you!
Once I was done tracing I used a white crayon pencil for outline then lightly dusted off remaining chalk then I used white paint to color my letters in.

Now came the fun part! While I let the paint dry which was about a 1/2 hour I began to sort my plants and work out ideas of placement. I wanted to include another favorite of mine "Mother in Law" plant or "Snake" plant so I chose to use the top tier for that one and work around her. I used this opportunity to also Propagate some of the leaves that came off the plants. I had some rooting powder handy as well.
The 2" pots the plants came with came in handy for some of my tricky placements. I cut them in half so the plants could stand upright better. This process for me was very soothing I invested about 2 hours and didn't even realize it. Planting to me is like therapy, it helps clear my head and helps me to step away from a stressful situation so I can find clarity.

I added some decorative stones as my finishing touch. Watered just enough to wet the new soil but not soak. The plants already came prepped for replanting. I used and old dish as water catcher and I was all set. Here you see my new babies!

Hope you enjoy today's post and it sparks some ideas of your own. I found that tier planting is an awesome way to make the most of your space and also its great eye candy. What do you think?
Please let me know what you think and if I wasn't clear on something please feel free to comment and I will be happy to walk you through it.
Happy Planting!

Always stress free xo.

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