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Guilty pleasures or simple Treats

Happy Sunday my dolls! Hope everyone has plans to enjoy this wonderful day. For those of you who follow me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart you already know I'm dealing with some grandma issues. I am relieved to report she is finally back home from the hospital, resting and coming along nicely.

She has a fractured rib which at any age is a challenge but at 91 it's a nightmare. I literally feel like I have a newborn child again. Feeding schedules, bath time, nap time, exercise, bedtime the works. I even joked about it yesterday after I feed her and she said "what?, I'm not your baby, I'm no ones baby." That's my grandma. I am grateful though to be the one to do this because it requires patience that as little as mine is it is far gentler and kinder than any other family member. 

I'm heading back over to Brooklyn shortly for another day of "mommy duty" but I wanted to leave you with something I wrote before all this happened that I am in much need of falling back on sooner rather than later. I am also including a pic of my grandma I took while in hospital holding my hand for dear life and yesterday as I tried to cheer her up. 

I find that I don't care for the words "guilty pleasure" used side by side.
It's a pet peeve of mine.
I think the word guilt is hard and heavy and to use it next to let's say eating a piece of cake or buying a new blouse is a bit much. To use it in reference to doing something for yourself after a long day or tough day with the kids is even more over the top.

Life is full of lots of moments of guilt for some more than others so when doing something small for ourselves that bring us a few moments of pleasure and a smile there should be no guilt attached to that.

Today I am sharing in no particular order a few of the simple treats that bring me large amounts of joy no guilt attached.

Cartoons- ever since I can remember watching cartoons has bought me numerous amounts of joy.
Scooby Doo as a kid, Tom & Jerry, then Sponge Bob with my daughter etc...
The colors draw me in. I could sit and get lost in this world for several hours for sure. 
Watching Batman with my daughter and Yu-Gi-Oh bought lots of hours of laughter and chatter.
Nice bonding moments. I personally love all things Super Hero and Transformers.
It is not a surprise to those that know me to hear me say I'm watching a marathon of X-Men cartoons on Netflix on a Saturday night.

 deviantart.com cartoons

Perfumes- I can never have enough. Shoes, yeah I love them Boots, even more but Perfumes!
I must have at least 3 to 5 scents to choose from at all times, minimum. I've been known to have double digits but today I try to keep the number toned down.
I love fragrancenet. and perfumania.com for there sales prices but sure other sites out there as well.
My extra special treat is when my daughter gifts me the Sephora perfume sampler and it comes with a gift certificate for a full size! Two gifts in one hello!!!

openlettersmonthly.com perfumes

Red Velvet- ANYTHING!!! Day or night, weekday or weekend, small piece or big piece. Never a bad time for me to enjoy this wonderful sugary treat. One of the keys to my heart for sure.

 illustration by cravebits.com red velvet cake

Spa Treatments- now this one has a variety of meanings for me. It could be as simple as buying some essential oils or taking a hot shower for 40 minutes with some candles burning.
It also means I take time to soak my feet after a long day at the office while I watch television with my daughter or listen to music and fix my nails.
To me any time I invest quiet time on me, my body and my Spirit is Spa Time.

galleryyopriceville.com spalife

Plush Blankets- cuddling up in my bed or on my sofa with a soft furry plush blanket is heavenly.
I have three, I keep one on my bed another on my chaise lounge and one put away for company.
I use mine on chilly nights or when I am watching movies.
Great way to feel spoiled at such a small expense. You can get one of these at Target, Kohl's or Walmart I am sure. I purchased mine via Midnight Velvet catalog.

pinterest.com blanket

Here you have it. The silly things that are so simple yet bring such pleasure to my life.
If you had to make a list of your simple treats guilt free, what would these things be?
Share what and why.

Always stress free xo.

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