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Revisiting what is Parenting?

My loves hope all is well on your end. My plate has been a bit full these past few weeks with family matters but slowly things are falling back in line and I am grateful. Soon it will be Mommywood's 2nd Anniversary and though it is not very old this Blog journey has taught me a lot in itself. When I decided to blog about all things parenting, one of the first posts I wrote asked the question, What is Parenting?
I knew my views and I knew why I had made the choices I had made but I wondered if others were as clear as I was when I decided to enter this journey.

My daughter turned 20 in April and I prior to that big day I had been investing some time and thoughts in these years and the choices I had made and the reasons behind them. I was happy to see before me the results. Yes we had some tweaks along the way, some things we just threw out the window and stuff we had to learn about together but as a whole I am grateful my tools worked out so well.

It actually went by so quickly that she is the one who reminds me of certain periods in our lives. Like how stubborn I was when plans we made had to be changed or how I didn't allow any Play Doh outside of her room. How she would ask for one theme during school supply shopping but I would get an extra one just for her to have an option. How we use to have mani pedi nights while we watched Blue's Clues or the time another parent asked but at the same time was sort of judging when she commented on her being a "handful" simply because she was very athletic and energetic. She was the type of mom with the Ballerina daughter, which is cool but my kid wasn't that. I set her on the "right" path of course "nicely" lol. So many memories.

As I've been sitting with my grandma and just watching her childlike innocence come back again after so many years, realizing that without me, my attention and her home attendants she would be lost I wanted to revisit this question...

So I am re posting this again in hopes of getting some enlightening feedback.

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What is Parenting?
Does anyone ever ask this question?
Do people really want to know the answer?

Eighteen years ago I came to this conclusion…
  • Parenting doesn't begin with the belly
  • Parenting begins with you and your feelings about self-awareness and what you have to offer
  • Parenting is attitude
  • Parenting’s first emotion is Desire. Desire to be a mom, wanting to share your life, love and experiences
  • Parenting is excitement, you will bring someone into this world who may look like you, who will make you laugh and cry at times yet it will all be worth it
  • Parenting is being a Jack of all trades. Wearing many hats at one time and being able to handle the fact you won’t be able to control everything. Your rewards will consist of smiles, hugs, kisses, I love yous and a productive human being in society. Someone who you will be proud of and know they will make the world a better place because they are in it.
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Are we as a society doing certain things to prepare ourselves to become good parents?

So those were my thoughts then, pretty accurate still 20 years in.
I always say that this part of my life's journey has been awesome. I made it so by not going with the norm, by not following but instead leading my own family to the best choices for us.
I have a well rounded beautiful young lady as my daughter to show for it, so I think the road we choose was good.

I feel the tools I used with my lil mama have also helped me deal with my grandmother and her Alzheimer's. Finding a balance and doing things that work best for our situation.

Share your thoughts, What do you think is Parenting? Where do you think it starts and ends? Does it ever really end? Did your thoughts change after you had your own baby? Let's talk!

Always stress free xo.

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