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Broiled Garlic Chicken

My loves, who's watched Sons of Anarchy? Can I just say that I love that show? That I can totally watch it over again! Yes I'm late but I got here.

illustration by idigitaltimes.com

In early July when my grandma had her spill and I was running around a bit nutty I found comfort in watching this series on Netflix. I watched seven seasons in less than two weeks because on some days I would get in at least four episodes. Yes it may seem a bit much to some but Jax just grabbed my attention and I couldn't let him go!!! SOA!!! great writing, great stories and amazing actors. 

illustration by ew.com
illustration by pinterest.com
(omg that face AND an accent? yes, yes and yes!!!)

Any way...on one of my afternoons of SOA watching I made the following for lunch

Thursday's Treat...Broiled Garlic Chicken!
-chicken cutlets
-soy sauce
-garlic knots

Preheat toaster oven, lightly spray some PAM on a baking pan and set aside. I added 2 tbs of butter, 2 tbs of Soy sauce, 1/4 tsp of pepper and 3 garlic cloves cut into small pieces into a small bowl and placed in microwave for 30 seconds. I placed my pieces of chicken in bowl and mixed well for several minutes. I then laid pieces out with few garlic chunks on top and placed in toaster oven on broil setting for 20 minutes. Halfway through I drizzled some more of my sauce on chicken just to maintain moist and flipped to the other side.

After 20 minutes I removed and served with Avocado, Plum tomatoes and Spinach. Hit the spot quick and easy and I didn't miss a beat on my show!!!

Always stress free xo.

Dear Target

I may Loose you but I'm ok with that Too