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Enough Milk to go Around

Good Morning my loves sitting in my office listening to the Jared "Subway" guy news smh omg! It just goes to show you never know with people.A lot of great topics in the news lately to chat about but today is milk day.
I never like to run into these types of pictures and stories one because they creep me out and two there is just so much more involved than right or wrong. Such a personal choice yet sometimes displayed in such an open manner.

My daughter and I spoke about this the other day and both agree that if you are old enough to walk, hold your food and even ask for it then you are way past sucking on any one's Tits be it your mothers or anyone else. If you think that the nourishment aspect of your choice is why you would have a child past the age of one hanging on your boobs that is great but can you at least pump it out or use a little more discretion?

illustration by kidspot.com.au

There is nothing wrong with breast feeding just so we are clear but there is a little more to think about once the kid hits the walking stage. If your kid is in the playground on a play date and walks over to you and says I'm hungry and you whip out your boobs I think of psychological issues. I think about how this kid will be made fun of and how silly he/she looks standing there sucking on your breast.
Then there's the side of sharing your milk with another child that is not your own....again so many factors to consider. The use of Wet NurseWet Nurse defined is something that has been around for a very long time and perhaps it may still have its uses but I can't imagine that when this was thought of they could ever imagine people posting pictures up while it was taking place. After all one if its original uses was for the women of higher stature to keep their discretion.

illustration by news.com.au
I find this recent story a bit creepy and here is why...
Breast feeding encourages bonding and no where in this story was I clear that the mother wasn't able to do so naturally just that she wasn't available. Well if she works then she should pump, many women do this again this story just wasn't very clear. Medical reasons are one thing but just not having the time is another.
I have seen and read the references made to Selma Hayek when she did the same and again I thought yes this is a loving helpful thing to do but you could have pumped.

illustration by pinterest.com

An old girlfriend of mine breast feed all three of her kids and yes some past the age of three which again most of us just didn't understand the whipping out the boob in the middle of a conversation thing but we respected it, we just wished she would have respected us by not being so in our faces.
I had a really tough time breast feeding my own lil mama I barely did several months. The act itself was brutal on my nipples and I just couldn't take the pain anymore. We did the pumping for a while and that was cool but I can't imagine having my girlfriend who I mentioned above feeding my little girl....thanks but no thanks. And if for some reason I wasn't producing at all and I was dead set on breast milk then I would have asked her to pump.

So two issues at hand:
1- how long should you breast feed?
2- is it ok to breast feed another person's child?

illustration by mamamia.com.au

As you look at these pictures and you read some stories, what do you think? Share your own breast feeding journey and or thoughts.

Always stress free xo.

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