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Hello my lovelies, I didn't post anything on my usual Sunday because I was just not in the mood. You know, those days you just want to veg out and not do much? Though I actually got a lot done it just wasn't writing.

I went to the park in place of my Yoga class and actually worked out there it was fun. I am not a heavy workout type of gal but some of the moves were actually fun plus it helped my friend joined me and was very encouraging.

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I spent my afternoon visiting my niece in the hospital, she came down with Pneumonia almost two weeks ago and because she has Cerebral Palsy things are a bit more complicated lets keep her in our prayers please. I commend those nurses and her mom I don't know how they do it. They know exactly what she needs when she needs it even though she can't relay her emotions to us with words. Yesterday as I got ready to leave and was talking with her she was all smiles and wide eyed which I loved and made me very happy. It was very encouraging, she inspires me to do my best no matter

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On my grandma front things have been dragging. Her doctors and I started her on Ambien so she could sleep. The 5mg didn't work it only knocked her out the first night and that was because she had had three days of no sleep. We have her on 10mgs now and its slow climb to full nights rest but I am confident we will get there. I still haven't lost any of my other attendants so that is a great sign. I was there three times this week a bit stressful but figuring out ways to deal.

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I got a very sweet message from my BFF's daughter yesterday just as I was getting ready for my workout. Kids are so pure and honest, I needed that refreshing touch in my life. I'm hoping to set up a brunch date with my little Princess so we can catch up on our Summer. Looking forward to that.

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Since its been a slow week for me as far as things I've wanted to write about I wanted to just share a few quotes that have keep me going when I just want to shut down. Please come visit with me soon I'm working on a share regarding my favorite Makeup Tutorial channels on You Tube and a piece on my thoughts on clerk that refuses to marry same sex couples. I also want to share my journey in preserving a beautiful bouquet of Roses I rec'd a few weeks ago. So stay tuned and stay positive, nothing last forever and brighter days will come.

Always stress free xo.

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