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What Nature taught Me

Nothing in Life is really a mistake I find myself believing that more and more each day.

I am a Fall baby, September 25.
I was born at 9:52 pm my zodiac sign is Libra the scales, all about Balance.
I have been shedding layers of unnecessary nothingness since I began to crawl.

illustration by pinterest

I'm very emotional but rarely irrational
I'm very critical but never spiteful
I'm very private but my hearts wide Open
I'm stern but never mean
I can charge like a Lion but stand in peace like a Lamb
All my moves are meticulous and well thought out but I am learning to ease up on my grip if it means finding a solution
I am as strong as steel and as fragile as glass
I can do it on my own but with your help I can do it faster
I prefer silence but occasional noise can be re-energizing

Nature feeds off of everything around it
It nurtures all, yet never holds on to anything
It takes, it gives, it has balance

To be able to appreciate Life we must at some point be touched by Death

Nothing in Life is really a mistake.

I came across this quote two days before my Birth Day a fellow blogger by the name of Tara Hughes had shared it on her page. It was fitting, it spoke to what my life journey means I would like to share it with you.

illustration by pixteller.com

Always stress free xo

Grilled Chicken w/Linguine and Alfredo sauce

Bye September, Turn it Up Tuesday & Happy Anniversary too!!!