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I Wonder?

I wonder if snowflakes really have different shapes
I wonder if Neil Armstrong really went to the Moon
I wonder if trees mind when we lean on them
I wonder if the fish in fish tanks feel trapped and sadness
I wonder if dolls come to life at night
I wonder where all the albums I had as a teenager ended up

I wonder if Waldo is retired or still on his many adventures
I wonder if Ariel and Elsa would get along
I wonder what music Tupac & Biggie would be making today
I wonder what happens with all those baby teeth the Tooth Fairy collects

I wonder what the birds are saying
I wonder what it would feel like to Bungee Jump
I wonder if Lions dream of Zebras
I wonder what I look like to my neighbors dog
I wonder what clouds feel like
I wonder if Frogs play Leap Frog

illustration by ink361.com

I was listening to Arianna Huffington on themindfulnesssummit.com sharing her thoughts about Mindfulness with her friend Sheryl Sandberg and they bought up the point about how kids are so awesome because they live in Wonder. They are not yet jaded by life, work and people. They still see the positives and still want to just go outside and jump into a pile of leaves, not caring what will happen.

I'm going to incorporate that mindset into my life's journey. I think its a great way to stay going young at heart and close to our kids. I already started with my thoughts above and next time I go to the park I will be on the look out for that pile of leaves!!! What about you...what do you Wonder?

Always stress free xo

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