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Locrio de Marisco / Stewed Rice with Seafood

Coming from a Dominican household rice is pretty much a daily given. Either for lunch or dinner you can always be sure someone is making a huge pot of rice. White or Yellow and something on the side or in it.
Whatever your taste buds desire you will never be disappointed with Dominican food.

I don't make Dominican dishes as much as I use to because my interest in length of time invested in the kitchen and the clean up afterwards have changed. Lil mama also is older and she is the real rice eater in the family, she can eat a plain plate of rice and be in heaven. But on those days I am missing a taste of my roots I go to rice. 

I wanted to surprise Lil mama the other night so I whipped up the following:

Thursday's Treat...Locrio de Marisco / Stewed Rice with Seafood!
-rice(your fav brand)
-bag of shrimps(any size you like already cleaned and cooked is easiest)
-2 cans of octopus(store brand or your fav brand is fine)
-olive oil

Now just so we are on the same page Locrio in English just means stewed rice mixed with let's say:
And for me I don't know if it was just in my house but I always have a banana on the side and drink only water.

Ok so let's get started. In a medium plastic bowl I wash 21/2 cups of rice, drain and set aside. In another medium bowl I added 11/2 cups large cooked shrimps this time removing the tails (I was upset I hadn't noticed my bag was the one with tails still on I was not happy) and 2 cans of octopus in garlic sauce. I mixed the seafood in the bowl and added 2tbps of Adobo. You may think it will be salty but the cooking down and added water of the rice will balance it out. In a large rice pot(those metal ones you sometimes see in bodegas) or your regular pot add 1 large spoonful of olive oil and pinch of salt turn heat on medium and cook for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes add 3 cups of water and let it boil then add your rice, mix and make sure heat is on medium. When the water starts to dry up(don't let it waste away completely or the rice will get burned) lower the flame almost as if you are turning it off I would say if your knob has numbers to put on 1. Cover the rice, now I use aluminum foil on my cover better to hold the steam in and let it cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I turn rice over once all sides and taste. If not soft enough to your preference you may add another spoonful of water with another pinch of salt. I let cook for another 10 minutes and I am done! Feel free to use your Rice cookers if you wish also.

As you can see my Lil mama's plate has a banana on the side and gadgets around because she got in late and had homework due by midnight. It was moist and very tasty and the banana was a great sweet mix Delish! Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions on how to cook rice without a rice cooker I would love to help you out. Rice cooking can be tricky especially the water to rice ratio lol.

Always stress free xo

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