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Playing Hooky

Hello loves, happy Hump day! I've been soaking in all I see around me. All the stresses of life that show on people's faces and in the words they use. The actions of those that feel there is no brighter day ahead and I decided to relinquish all the titles I hold and just be me. 

illustration by healthy chics.com

Today I am care free. I will approach all things as the younger version of myself. Today is a great day for dreaming.

Walk with no sense of direction, 
smile while looking at the trees, 
watch the street lights change, explore a new neighborhood.
There is no clock, 
no deadline. 
There is no bill to pay, 
no date on a calendar. 
No diapers to change,
no school play to attend.
No meetings,
no goals to reach.
Today I'm playing Hooky.
Jump into a pile a leaves because
you can.
Run around the house naked because its fun.
Turn the radio on, Loudly!
Eat a whole pint of Ice Cream if you dare.
Today I am playing Hooky.
Watch your favorite movie, reread an old favorite book.
Take those old photo albums out and have a good laugh.
Go to the mall and play Dress Up!
Today I am playing Hooky.

My younger self had a ball playing dress up. 

Happy Hump day and I hope that you find a day for yourself where you allow the kid inside of you to come out and play. Sometimes being an adult can be boring so don't let the kid in you waste away.

Always stress free xo

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