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Meet my niece Korii Ann

                             16th Birthday

Hey lovelies I usually don't write on Fridays but last night I got home from my volunteer evening with my kids at a family residence and as I settled in to catch up on some emails I got an email from my girlfriend Rosanna about my niece Korii. I have shared in the past how they are my adopted fam and how her sister is my gf Cynthia who transitioned in 2008. We have all been friends since I was in the 2nd grade. My Korii is a special needs child with Cerebral Palsy and has been in the hospital since the summer had to undergo a Tracheostomy and we were cautiously optimistic that she would be going home yesterday but when I didn't get a response to my text on how the day had gone I chalked it up to busy settling in, turns out she's running a fever and has a sore. This means no going home just yet.

Anyone dealing with a sick child can imagine how stressful it must be and how it takes its toll on you, your family and loved ones. But imagine the added stress of your child not being able to talk to you and tell you if they are in pain and in how much pain when they are. You as a parent are then left to kick up your senses just a bit more than the rest of us.

                                             illustration by pinterest.com

That is exactly what my gf Rosanna has done for the past 18 years. We love her so, her strength and patience is outstanding and it just humbles us to see all that she deals with never once complaining or lashing out at anyone.

My Korii Ann has never hugged me or given me a kiss, she has never called out my name or held my hand but she has loved me so from the first time she heard my voice and I saw her big eyes grow wider with excitement and a tiny grin come across her face. I have never gotten to play dolls with her or take her for a walk or go on a lunch date but we have shared many other private talks and moments and those to me are priceless.

Today I am writing to share a link gofundme.com started for her special needs and perhaps even if you can't donate I would like for you to keep her in your prayers and to perhaps reach out to a friend or neighbor with a special needs child and offer your assistance. Maybe bring them something to eat or offer some of your time so they can catch their breath. Any loving gesture helps.

Have an awesome day everyone and remember to be grateful everyday for the small things in your life.
Always stress free xo

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