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All things Sacred

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas. I had a mini scare with my grandma on Monday thought we weren't going to be home to celebrate but instead in the hospital but things turned out well thank heavens. I had a lovely dinner with her Christmas Eve and that was a true blessing. Christmas morn I received some sad news of my girlfriend's mother in law passing and that was unfortunate. These events always get me to reevaluate where I stand in my life.

As my daughter enjoyed opening up her gifts and we laughed and reminisced and took pictures something came to mind I wanted to share.

 When we hear the word Sacred we think of religion or ties to religion but what if we didn't? What if we thought about it as something else? What if we changed our perception? What if we thought of it as a belief in type of care? When I first heard this sentence I was confused but then I said it again out loud and said yes! I get it!
I read so many things daily that if you guys saw my desk you would be like what are all those sticky notes. If any of you watch Being Mary Jane you can totally see it, she has sticky notes Everywhere. That is me on most days, I read something and if it catches my attention I write it down or if I hear something I take notes and place them on sticky notes all over my desk.

So let me repeat it again...let's think of Sacred as a belief in type of care. I read this in one of my many books or articles on mindful living unfortunately I can't remember who said it. But after I finished reading the article it left such an impression I took notes and I started to think about what that meant to me and my life and I realized I have a big list.

illustration by blonderunner.com

These are the things that are sacred to me:
-time with my daughter
-walking in the park
-taking pictures
-my showers
-my alone time
-my friendships
-my home
-my volunteer time
-my Yoga practice
-my Meditation practice

All these things while I am engaging in them I am consumed in it. I think of nothing else and I value every moment. I don't rush to bring these moments to an end I take my time and soak it all in. Every page in my book, every click of my camera, every hand gesture my daughter makes are Sacred to me.
The care I take when doing these things helps me balance my life. My days and hours in the office, my commute, caring for my grandmother etc...

illustration by pinterest.com

We all need times that are just for us. Even if shared with others but time that for fills our needs and brings us inner peace and joy. Especially this time of year where we are distracted in so many ways, especially parents. We are on go mood and forget about self care. Putting ourselves last is not the answer so I ask...

What about you, what is Sacred in your life that helps you slow down and have balance? Share them here and tell us why.

Always stress free xo

End of the year Turn it Up Tuesday, Goodbye 2015!

Wishing you a Mommywood Christmas