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Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Happy Thursday my dolls, I can imagine you all have loads on your plates with the Holidays on full blast. May I wish you all good luck on that and please be safe out there.

If you are looking for a yummy tasty share today sorry to say there won't be one but instead a little mini rant/humbling share instead. Today I want to bring you up to speed on what's been going on in my end and how I am learning from this as well.

So...how am I making Lemonade out of Lemons?
For starters several months back I shared how I was going to be using Coconut oil to begin treating my nails so they can grow and to my wonderful surprise they did and it was such a joy. They grew strong and healthy and my hands looked amazing. The picture share below was just one glimpse into my happy nail world and that wasn't even the longest they grew.

Then for my Birthday in September I got ahead of myself and started going to the Nail Salon / Spa around my way as a treat to get nails done and give myself a break and all went down hill from there...

The top pic was what they looked like by the end of October and the bottom is what they look like today...hot mess!!! I will never go to a Nail Salon to get my nails done again! I will stick to my pedicures and massages and that is it. I was iffy about the chemicals they use because if any of you ladies who do visit may notice the bottles rarely have a label or a brand you recognize. My nails are natural I don't use gels or glues etc so I should have used better judgment but that's what happens when you follow what every one else does...you screw yourself up. Now I have to start from scratch again and get over the hands looking like an animal chewed at my fingers. I will treat myself to Mari's mani date over the weekend and that will be my Lemonade.

Then just before Turkey day I felt myself coming down with A slight cold so I jumped on it like a wet rag on a light fire. Teas, honey, soups, cough drops, in bed early the works. I took well enough care of myself to make a lovely dinner for my sunshine and to be able to enjoy some time with loved ones. I was grateful all turned out well and was ready to jump on the Christmas train. 

I had my volunteer dates with my kids and my pantry service, I visited with my baby #2 (my grandma) I bought her a new pipe she was very excited, I was making to do lists for up coming events, had a great weekend then came home Sunday after 7pm and decide to make some Salmon I had left seasoned in the fridge. I was in the mood for Broiled Salmon and a green salad because I was still filling the cold lingering. I ate my dinner, saved a plate for lil mama who was out with friends, and shortly after I made myself some soothing bedtime tea with a few slices of ginger and settled in to watch an episode of NCIS on demand. I knocked out lovely right? WRONG!!!!!!!

illustration by haleyscomic.com

Shortly after midnight my world was turned upside down!!! I won't get into the gruesome details but I will say that my bathroom and I became the best of friends until 7:30 something Monday morning when I texted my boss I was on my hands and knees and wouldn't be going into the office. 

OMG if you have ever suffered from Food Poisoning then you already know what I am currently going through. I spent Monday curled up on my sofa covered from head to toe. Everything hurt and all I wanted was for my nose to stop working so that I wouldn't smell anything. I barely moved after my stomach decided to cut me a break because there was nothing left to get rid of. In the evening my crew of angels came with ginger ale and seltzer water bottles and ready to help in any way they could. All I wanted was silence.

Against the advise of my angels I came to work on Tuesday and that was a bad decision. My ribs ached and my throat was on fire. I ate seven crackers and drank two cups of ginger ale all day. I was slouched in my office chair all day and felt cold one second and hot the next. Any parent would know and agree that that's just what we do right? We get knocked down and get back up. Nothing stops just cause we aren't doing so great but usually I don't roll with that ball I usually just chill and take things easy I don't know why I pushed myself so quickly when I wasn't ready. As my lil mama said and pointed out I wasn't saving the world I work in Title Insurance lol.

illustration by kidshealth.org

Then I get home and start doing way toooo much and by the time 10 pm rolled around I was done. I tried a few strands of noodles from a soup my friend had made me and then I got a light back massage and that was it for me. My massage was my Lemonade.
Wednesday was about the same I just added a few more crackers during my day and convinced one of my angels to take me to get my Christmas tree at Home Depot which is always fun for me I love the smell of fresh cut trees! That was my Lemonade.

Here I am now, sitting in my office listening to music, writing my adventures and coughing up a lung what? A lung? Yes because not only am I recovering from Food Poisoning but the dang effects of my turmoil aggravated my throat, which was getting over a cold (remember) so bad that my throat is extremely raw and sore and just a total mess. I finally finished a whole pack of club crackers and it only took me three days. I am hungry but afraid to eat, I have lost who knows how many pounds, I miss my Yoga classes, I feel sick just looking at all the emails I sort through relating to food shares but I am pressing on! 

illustration by modernreflexology.com

I learned to never take Salmon out again unless I am going to eat it within a few hours and I learned to take my own advise as far as care. When I am down for the count, Rest. Don't push on, two days out of commission with help of loved ones is no big deal. That's what people who love you are there for to pull you up when you fall. So thank you my angels and for those of you reading please watch what you eat! Happy shopping but please remember to be kind and help those who can't help themselves. That's my Lemonade.

Always stress free xo.


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