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Stay Away

My dolls I didn't post this yesterday because the day was filled with people I truly love to invest my time with. I got to hug up on two of my favorite yummy little people and chat up with some great friends and really live the meaning of loved ones and family. This time of year can be very trying for those who have family issues and who struggle with what family is suppose to be. For me I have made peace with what that means for me. If you find yourself in a similar place then maybe my share can help you in some way. 

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I know what you're thinking...
She stays away because she is "selfish".
She doesn't care about us or what we are going through.
She "thinks" she is better than us, she doesn't have time to "help" us with our problems.

Look at her, always put together.
Always has had a nice place to live.
Drives a nice car and has a great job.
Look at her, problems free.

I know what you're thinking...
She always has an answer.
She always thinks so positively.
She always wants to talk about being loving.

Look at her with her Meditation.
Look at her with her Yoga practice.
Look at her with her healthy eating and
Look at her with her uplifting thoughts.

I know what you're thinking...
She can't be for real.
She is so fake.
She hasn't changed.
She just walked away.

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The truth is your best thinking got you to this place. My reality is...

I stay away because of self preservation.
I do care about you but you don't care about your self.
I am not better than I am just different, I have the time I just don't want to waste it, I can't help you with your problem unless you help your self first.

I am put together because I have value.
I have a nice place to live because I love and respect me.
I have a nice ride because I take care of my belongings and my job is just a job I am grateful to have because it pays my bills.
I have problems, we all have problems but my problems don't have Me.

I don't always have "the" answer but I have faith there is "an" answer.
I think positive because I am open to many perspectives.
I talk about being loving because communication without love is pointless.

Yes look at me with my Meditation, if I didn't have that I would go insane.
Yes I practice Yoga because I want to grow old gracefully not diseased in mind, body and spirit like you have become.
Yes I eat healthy because I love my body, I want to take care of it so it takes care of me.
Yes I have uplifting thoughts because I always have Hope.

I am for Real, life is not as bad as you want to paint it.
I am not Fake, I just work with the cards that are dealt to me.
I have changed and because of that I Stay Away so I can continue to Love you.
I didn't "just" walk away...I decided to live, I decided to accept you for who and what you are and be ok with that.

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I Stay Away because of Love and with that love all things are possible.

What has loving and caring for someone made you do?

Always stress free xo

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