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Wanting my Rewards Now not Later

Dolls Christmas is almost here but can I share I can't wait till it is over! All these greedy, self absorbed people walking around me I have just had enough! Don't you gift your loved ones all year long with the basics of just love, presence and kindness? Are you so F***** up all year long that you have to BUY the people around you in one day? All I have seen lately has sucked the joy of this holiday for me and because I am not wrapped up in myself and have instead actually been dealing with regular life issues I wanted to share my latest thoughts maybe they express something you have put some thought into as some point as well.

Love and attention lasts longer 
than any Purchased gift...remember that
 Happy Holidays!

Is there life before death?
Why aren't we living our best lives before we die?

If you watch the news on a daily basis you see that it is full of gloom. Death and poverty everywhere. People treating each other poorly constantly. What is our fellow man doing to one another?

I watch my daughter and wonder what the future holds for her, I walk pass a park and as I watch the children play I ask myself what is in store for you? How long will that innocence last before someone or something tarnishes your beautiful life?

We walk around as if we have all the time in the world and it is only when tragedy occurs either around us or in our own lives that we stop and refocus. But why does it take tragedy for us to focus on what really matters? Or why do certain people use religion to tell me that my rewards will come later after my time on this earth is done?

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I want my rewards now, I don't want to wait for later. I want to enjoy Living. I am not referring to mass consumption of things I am referring to just day to day things. Nature, family, friends, making a living, love...
I want my hard work to pay off now. When I die it is an idea that my soul goes someplace better and that may be wonderful but why can't I also have better now?

Self care. I believe that if all of us valued that concept it could trickle over to every aspect of our lives and every interaction we had with anyone around us. Is it wrong to want to obtain that? Would it be considered selfish and if it is, why?
Why is it selfish to take care of our needs first and have the goodness of that nurturing spill over onto everything else? Ever wonder why only those who neglect their needs only to be miserable in doing so are the ones who label you selfish when you are their opposite?

I want to live my best life now, I have no interest in reaping rewards later. I want to matter, I want to help, I want to make a difference...now.
So how can I do that? How can I have it all like the ideal dream? I came up with this list, what do you think?
-have periods of time where doing nothing is doing something
-practice kindness
-enjoy your friendships
-smile often
-kiss a lot
-talk to strangers
-learn something new everyday
-turn OFF your gadgets
-have dinner with your loved ones often and talk together
-stop procrastinating

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There are so many rewarding things we can do on a daily that our lists can be endless but if we start with kindness and a smile that alone is enough to make any day great. What do you think? How can we live our best lives now, be rewarded now and not have it be labeled selfish?
While you think about that I will be getting my ball rolling by heading to my living room to watch a movie with my lil mama!

Always stress free xo

Wishing you a Mommywood Christmas

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