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No Time for It!

Happy Hump day my lovelies! Some of us are still working around mounds of snow others enjoying the sun. However we are dealing with our day I wanted to ask you some questions.

illustration by amazon.uk.co

Are you doing everything in your power daily to live your life to its full potential? Are you focused on you and not on someone else? Have you been looking at yourself in the mirror and tearing away at the layers of junk you have accumulated? 

I am finding that more and more of us are not living up to our full potential because we waste our time on things that just don't concern us. Things that when all is said and done won't have helped us get to our destination.

I had a very unpleasant experience recently I'd like to share. I find that when I talk through certain things I gain more clarity. Women I want to say that our reputation for being catty will only continue to be our downfall. There is nothing attractive in projecting our short comings on someone else. I wish we wouldn't prove people right with some of the things we so happen to engage in. Case in point gossip and spiteful behavior.

I've commented in the past that I don't allow very many people in my close circle and deal even less with women because of the tearing down one to bring up the other actions. Yes not all women are like this I know but sadly more are than not. I've experienced many things in my years but being blamed for breakup of relationships hasn't been one. Until recently when I've become the scapegoat for someone else's personal issues. As if my existence on this planet altered their circumstances, their choices and the outcomes.To give me such power is disturbing to say the least.

my daily reminder that TIME is precious so I make sure I NEVER waste it

I will only say this as I say it each and every time...You and only you are responsible for your life. Every action you take brings about the next outcome. Every word that comes out of your mouth brings forth numerous reactions. Your choices have consequences. Look in the mirror first before you start looking around and pointing the finger.

As a parent my responsibility has been to teach my daughter to be careful with her actions and own up to her choices. To set an example of mindful living and respectful communication. To use her Time wisely. Talking about people and spreading rumors, causing drama and chaos are a waste of time and energy. I've taught her to be supportive of her friends but not to get involved in the he said she said and that in every story there are three sides two the accounts of those involved and one the truth.

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As a woman I follow the same path. Tend to yours and don't involve anyone else. No one makes anyone do anything they don't want to do. Take responsibility for what you have bought to the table and focus on your plate. Its unfortunate anyone would place blame on another for their situations let alone sole blame. Its also unfortunate that adults would stoop to childish actions to somehow resolve the matter. I am only interested in dealing with my journey and reaping the rewards of its outcome. So I hope everyone else feels the same about themselves as well.

Music as always came to the rescue! I heard this song on the same day that my scapegoat drama blossomed and after processing and looking for clarity one thing is for sure. I am not wasting one moment on someone else's journey of discovery. I am not interested in engaging in blame games when I have my own life to manage. Do you boo.

Thank you Fantasia for this great Anthem at a time when other people's energy is invading my space

No Time for It!
"you feel some type of way
 she got s*** to say
 they gon' say some things that don't do nothing
 but remind me and if they're bringing up problems
 there's no time for it
 I don't care for gossip what they gonna say? "

What do you think, is it ever ok to place blame on someone else when things go wrong in your life? Do you feel that what someone else does needs to affect your life's outcome? Is it not up to us as individuals to access our own lives and make the choices that will bring about our own happiness? Does it make you weaker or stronger to give another power over your own journey?  Hummm so much to think about but what a great conversation to have with ourselves.

Always stress free xo

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