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The journey of being Fearless

I no longer fear the idea of being Fearless
I want to have butterflies in my stomach each and 
every time I try something new, yet do it anyway
I no longer seek the security of a plan
I want to just get up and go
I no longer yearn for that approval
I want to shock you with my courage
I no longer wish to keep the peace
I want to stir the change needed
 to make a difference
I no longer desire to hold myself back until I am ready
I won't know if I am ready unless I just jump right in

illustration by filtr.com

I no longer fear the idea of being Fearless
I want to experience the rush of anxiety
I no longer think its best to always use caution
Sometimes you just have to move with your emotions

Once it is was my goal to reach you, I thought in doing so all things would fall into place and that would be the end of that 
but I see now that for me part of my peace, 
tranquility and triumph is the uneasiness that 
Life brings me

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Fear less is good but sometimes Fear more can be even better
Live your Best Life

Always stress free xo

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