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Collector of Beautiful things

I'm a collector of Beautiful things. 
Soft and fluffy, plush and bright suck me in. 
Vibrant colors all the shades make me smile
like a child who sees a rainbow makes my heart go wild.

The details in the package, the care and strategic placement delivery is always key.
I'm a sucker for presentation but that's how it should be.

I'm a collector of Beautiful things.
Books, letters, cards and quotes. Words that inspire and bring about growth.
Expressed thoughts that provoke conversation and expand our world
letters coming together to form words that encourage Love.

I'm a collector of Beautiful things.
People who give more than they take.
Who spread seeds of joy and laughter who leave you inspired and uplifted.
Their absence is felt the moment they leave the room.

I'm a collector of Beautiful things.

Always stress free xo

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