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Live the highest expression of Yourself

When I tell you that I will not accept something Believe me
When I say I am for real Trust me.
When I open my space to you Enjoy it

I aspire to always be like a Peacock

Expand my feathers and give you an amazing show. Be tall and glide as I walk so my presence is known. Turn from side to side so you can take in all the wonder of me and tip toe gracefully as not to scare you away.

illustration by starshineranch.com

I aspire to always be like a waterfall

Bold and ever flowing with natures gift. Sometimes loud sometimes quiet but always exciting to look at. Whether high up or low to the ground always leaving your mark behind. 
Never selfish always connecting with another to allow life to continue to go on.

illustration by andriodguys.com

I aspire to always be like a Boulder

Hard to miss and smoothed out with time. Strong, enduring, and no matter where it lands it always manages to hold its own.

illustration by theboulders.com

I aspire to always be Childlike

Never afraid to run free, let go of your hand and try new things. Always laughing, giggling and rolling around on the floor. Spitting things out that taste bad and asking for more when things are really good. Enjoying a game of make believe and never taking things to seriously.

illustration by gratitude planet.com

I aspire to always be like a Rose

Beautiful as she blooms inviting all to come and enjoy her beauty but with Thorns that say use caution as you approach. Bringing joy and brightness to her surroundings and leaving a sense of emptiness when she is gone. Reminding us that nothing last forever so enjoy each moment and shine brightly as you walk through life.

Always stress free xo

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