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Seafood Pasta

Happy Thursday! 
Working on some fun DIY projects can't wait to share in the meantime lets enjoy a nice meal.

Thursday's Treat...Seafood Pasta!

-bag of Shrimps
-bag of Seafood Medley
-box of spaghetti
-plum tomatoes
-sweet peppers
-garlic powder 

I always try to make things simple and quick so when I do use bags of Seafood I grab the ones that are already cooked and ready to go. I washed half bag of shrimps and half of medley in cold water then in a large pot I added seafood and pinch of salt and placed on medium heat. Cook for 10/12 minutes or until shrimps and seafood start to turn pinkish in color, add 3tbsps of butter, 11/2 tbsp of garlic powder mix and cook another 5 minutes adding handful of plum tomatoes cut in halves and handful of sweet peppers cut in slices mix well till tender.

As this is cooking prep your pasta (I used Spaghetti #8 this time but you can use what you like or what you have already in your pantry) as you normally would 10/12 minutes, drain water and add to seafood pot, mix well and done. Depending on how many servings of course is amount you use from your box I used whole box I had several people over.

Quick & easy tasty treat plates were bare when everyone was done. Semi healthy I'd say if you turn blind eye to the butter part lol, enjoy! 

Always stress free xo

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