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The reward of Not getting what you want

Hey lovelies is everyone as ready for warmer temperatures as I am? I have to admit that this Winter really wasn't so bad especially out here in New York. I feel like I blinked and Spring was upon us but hey I am not one to rush time so I'll enjoy the days as they come.

Enjoying the days as they come, is a good segway into my share today. Between being nervous about some of these Presidential candidates and just day to day occurrences both on the news and in my life I've been putting some thought into...
The reward of not getting what you want. 

Hummm how on earth is not getting what we want a reward? Well let me talk about some rewards I've witnessed and then we shall see.

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-I wanted my mom to work the types of jobs all my other friends moms had but instead she worked in places that I was not so proud of. Turned out that working in factories and bar tending and being a school lunch lady wasn't such a bad thing after all. She held her head up high, loved what she did and provided for her family with dignity. Seeing her take pride in what she did taught me great work ethic and taught me not to get caught up in labels...making an honest living is all that matters. 

-I wanted the big wedding all the bells and whistles. Turns out I was placing importance on the outside picture and not the true meaning of Unity. When I took the blinders off I saw that I preferred the quiet show of love than the loud roar of a gran performance.

-I wanted three kids, two boys and a girl. I wanted nonstop calling of my name and laughter. I wanted running around and constant opportunities to watch my kids succeed at things. I had one and she is more than enough. Six months into mommywood I realized I enjoyed my life too much to have to sacrifice my space. I enjoyed my ALONE time way too much to give it up. My lil mama has been the best thing to happen in my life I have had my three kids and more.

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-I wanted the guy that remembered and acknowledged holidays, birthdays & anniversaries. The one who walked through the door bearing gifts over flowing or sent gifts to my office as a surprise. Turns out I really don't like that guy because he sometimes forgets that gifts don't always mean something materialistic. Now I find joy in the one who buys me a book or brings me a cup of Tea just because he knows I need some peace and quiet. Now I appreciate the beautiful gifts that come in large and small packages.

-I wanted the high paying career that would afford me the lifestyle to live comfortably, travel constantly and do all the shopping I wanted. The career that would grant me financial security I didn't see my own parents have. The one I could spoil my kid in. What I got instead was a job. One that allowed me flexible hours, decent vacation time, plenty of space for leisure thoughts and peace of mind. One that didn't stress me out where my attitude affected my family. One that allowed me to provide for my loved ones and still have fun. One that didn't take over my personal life. Yes finances are extremely important and I do take measures to build on that but never at the expense of a great quality of Life.

Some say that when you make a plan never make a plan B because it means you already planned to fail but I say that sometimes the fail is not a failure. It just means plan A wasn't meant for you.
The Universe is always testing us and testing our resilience. It gains nothing from us failing it reaps the rewards of our Success.

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Next time you put yourself out there and it doesn't turn out as you wish, don't delay bouncing back. Say goodbye to that chapter and hello to whats to come.

Always stress free xo

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