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Morning Meditation

When you think about all the times that you were feeling off balance wasn't there ever a moment when you stopped and something so calming literally fell on your lap?

I have been slacking on my Meditation for some time now, not that I haven't been practicing but just that my practises haven't been as lengthy as I would prefer them to be. I know that doing a few minutes at a time is better than none at all but there is just something about my time in front of my mantle, legs crossed incense going that brings such joy to my heart. I have had many a session in tears.

The calmness, the breaths, the kindness and the gratitude sometimes just overwhelms me and I start to cry. I don't feel bad about those sessions I actually love them even more because they clear my thoughts and warm my soul. They make me feel alive and worthy of another day.

Usually my Saturdays I start them off with a Yoga class and then my breakfast as I check my emails. If I have a volunteer date I make adjustments to my time and if I have a Salon date I do my Yoga practise on Sunday morning. This particular Saturday I decided to do my Yoga in bed doyouyoga.com. There are so many awesome poses you can do just before you put your feet on the ground. After that I searched You Tube for a guided Meditation to start my day and OMG! did I find something wonderful.

This Louise Hay page and the following session...

I sat on my bed back straight, hands on my knees, open palm, breathing and then the tears began.

Great cleanse powerful message. If you have been feeling down and out if you feel nothing good is happening or happens in life period...this is a must hear! Even if you don't sit in mediation but just play it to listen. You will walk away with a better sense of Gratefulness .

What do you use to recharge your grateful for life button? How do you reconnect with yourself after life has bought upon some disappointments? Share lets chat.

Always stress free xo

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