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Taking the Bitter with the Sweet

Hey Dolls happy Wednesday! Hope we are all doing well and getting ready for our weekend. I am super excited for my lil mama's big 21 on Saturday. Have all the food items bought and ready to go and I got her custom made balloons at Party City can't wait to share the pics with you soon.

Today as I sit in my office looking at the beautiful sunshine coming through my window I find my thoughts wondering to how in life certain occasions can be full of happiness but have a mini trail of sadness.

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How can it be the love of my life will be turning 21 years old and have no immediate relatives but myself to share in this moment? No over joyed grandparents, no excited aunts & uncles, no fun loving cousins, no beaming with pride Father? How can it be that what most of us grow to take for granted which is family my daughter and I really don't have?
We have no control over the families we are born into that is just fate. We can only control the roll we play in that family we do land in.

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I am grateful for the small circle I have built that is truly our family. Full of love, support and acceptance. Full of positive energy, lots of hugs and smiles. Ready to always shine a mirror on us to remind us of our amazing beauty and self worth. Always there to remind us of how far we have come and all we have over come.

Family is what you make it and if the one you were born into doesn't know your worth, takes away more than they add, hurts your spirit more than they help you shine then don't be afraid to let them go. It is ok to value yourself more than the blood running through your veins. Poor behavior is never ok to stick around with even if it is family. We are conditioned to think "yeah but that's my family" instead of "yeah that is my family, and because it is such I shouldn't be treated that way" that we never stop to question things until we know better until we know our worth.

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I will continue to take the Bitter with the Sweet, its an awesome alternative to wanting to pull my hair out or scream at the top of my lungs. Sharing some quotes that have helped me through the years heal what was once broken perhaps they can help you as well.
Now back to happy thoughts about my lil sunshine!!!

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What do you think? Is it ever ok to sacrifice your sanity and well being just because of sense of duty? Are there ever lines you shouldn't cross or is all fair game when it comes to family? Share your experiences and comments with me.

Always stress free xo

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