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What does my Heart say?

Had a wonderful grateful filled and loving weekend. Spring cleaning at home and deep into my passions. My pens and pencils were put to good use and my camera saw some really beautiful things. Inspired!

This topic comes to you courtesy of Brainsparker, lovin this writing prompt app!

What does my Heart say?

My heart says that I'm in a happy place, that even though the ground is shacking the cement will soon dry and make it strong.
My heart says this is a good place to be, it's peaceful and full of joy and though it is small it is full of love and laughter.
My heart says some parts of my journey have been filled with sadness but what better way to reach the gratitude you feel today? 

illustration by clipartpanda

My heart says I love where I stand today and who stands with me today and looking back is not an option.
My heart says everyone is capable of love but only if they know how to love themselves first.
My heart says don't dim your light, don't bow your head, walk tall and proud.
My heart says thank you for taking care of me, for protecting me and for not lying to me. 

illustration by pixabay.com

My heart says thank you for all the laughter.
My heart says thank you for all the times your face bought me comfort.
My heart says continue to make the best choices that will help keep us healthy so we can live a long strong healthy life.

What does your heart say?

Always stress free xo

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