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Why am I Here?

Happy Sunday!

illustration by charlotteengelstudio.com

Today is the day after my lil mama's 21st Birthday. I am resting up from all the running around I did yesterday but happy to say my dinner was a great success! Her fav stuffed shells had a little crunch to them I added sweet peppers. Delish results, the b'day girl was pleased.

Then I had ordered custom balloons from Party city and totally forgot they were in my car waiting to be inflated and had to go back out when I was already parked at home.

I can't believe my baby is so grown...

She was like ok this is great I feel the love but I have another party to go to...

and this was a short time ago...the party continues on her way to brunch with some friends.

Happy 21st Birth Day my Sunshine! So blessed to have you in my life 
and always honored to be 
your mother xoxo

Live with Purpose

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Always stress free xo

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