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If your not helping...Get out of the Way

He said, She said, They said, who the heck are all these people in my business?

Plenty to say about how I do this or that. Critical of how I accomplish my goals. Foul words used in connection with my name. Who are you? Do you know me? Do I know you? When was the last time our paths crossed?

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Do you ever have those moments when you wonder why someone is mad at your success or your attempts at becoming better? Do you ever ask yourself "how are my achievements taking away from yours?" Do you stop and ask yourself "am I the one being selfish?"

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Such an ugly trait to be sinking and want others to sink along with you. To only want prosperity for yourself and think somehow there is not enough to go around for all. To have given up on yourself and want those around you to give up as well. To all those people I say...Get out of the Way!

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If a friend is dragging you down, let them go
If family is beating your spirit, hang up the phone
If a partner is not helping you build, end the partnership
If the one that says they love you has you stuck, cut the cord

Every connection is not meant to last forever so have your take away and keep it moving. Add, Build and Grow or Let go. 

Always stress free xo

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