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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

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I had a totally different idea of what this day would mean to me this year. I actually had grand plans dancing in my head as I thought of what I would want this day to be like for me but as we all know Life sometimes has other ideas for us. So what did my Mother's day / weekend look like 2016?

I had a great Friday evening with my Grandma even though she has no clue of days I had a nice visit we had some laughs and I got home without feeling drained. Saturday I woke up early had an awesome Yoga class and Meditation that set the tone for a surprise trip to Philly to a Chinese Lantern show which was amazing! Took great pics here are a few...

This trip taught me the following lessons:
-be open to change
-stay calm
-hardheaded people don't work well together
-its easy to say you want to be one way but unless you make the efforts its just empty words
-mothers are always mothering Some One
-keep your eyes open, there is Beauty every where
-don't forget to Breathe
-say thank you in the beginning because you never know how it will end
-letting others lead is harder than I thought especially if you are the one who is always the Leader
-thank the Heavens I practice Yoga and Meditation

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Saturday's trip was so filled with activities and a variety of emotions that I was totally drained come Sunday morning. I got up early took some deep breaths while still laying in bed rec'd my first call of the day from my BFF in Florida we chatted for a few then hung up. I said a peaceful mantra and called my mother to no surprise I got her voice mail so left a simple message and let it go. When I hung up I decided all I wanted to do was stay home and be quiet. I was treated to a delish breakfast then I got up opened my windows, watered my plants and cleaned my apartment. The smell of lavender always makes me happy. Because of homework responsibilities we also had to make some adjustments so late afternoon Lil mama and I went for Mother/Daughter mani/pedi date and came back home. We made a quick meal and she hit the books. I spent several hours sitting with my daughter as she did her homework on the computer. Her assignments are online and this class has been giving her some difficulty because of time it takes to complete the assignments in addition to her other classes and her work schedule.

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As she sat there in tears for a second week in a row and attempted to complete 100 questions by midnight in which she explained each question has over 5 parts and take about 20/30 minutes each I just sat there and listened as she shared her school experience in comparison to students who only go to school and don't have a need to work. I sat there and offered what little words of encouragement I could, I got up and made her some Yogi Stress reliever tea, I sat back down again and listened some more. I asked how is it that we have gotten to online classes where teachers aren't even assisting their students? Where is my money going? Who is it helping? How come more parents aren't aware of this situation? Her answer?...most parents have no idea what there college kid is going through when they are in their room alone doing homework with the door closed.
Most parents remember their college experience and think that their child is having the same but they are not. Most parents aren't sitting down with their kid talking to them like you are. None of my friends parents are sitting with them right now like you are with me.

That was heart breaking it is heart breaking. To see my daughter crying over a homework assignment, to see her struggle with a class not because she isn't grasping the material but because of her work load and Life responsibilities is something no parent wants to experience. To be helpless and all I can do is listen and pass her tissues. Midnight came and she still didn't finish her assignment.
We got up from the dinning table, I helped her clean up, gave her plenty of hugs and kisses some more tea and said we will figure something else out for next week. We said our good nights and we each went to our bedrooms.

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Alone in my room I thought to myself "carrying for someone really doesn't take much but being Present. This day didn't turn out as I expected and it continues to be a sad disappointment that my mother is not Present but I sure am grateful for being able to be Present for my daughter. Happy Mother's Day"

Always stress free xo

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