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Maturity & Timing are Everything

Happy Sunday! Had a great chat with my lil mama this morning before we both went off on errand runs and I wanted to share my walk away. She was sharing how her evening out with friends had gone and the things they had come across.

She recently turned 21 but I laugh because she refers to her 17 year old self as if it was a life time ago. I guess if your perspective is always expanding it could somehow feel that way. She was talking about men and how they were approached last night and how in her age group the males have been falling short on what they are bring to the plate and have to offer. She shared their pick up lines and their over all appearance etc...

I was laughing the whole time because she reminded me of my friends and I at her age though I was already in a committed relationship with her father at that time. I remembered the list of must haves and the "look" we were aiming for and the what we would and would not accept chatter. I know times  have changed when my daughter says that parents are doing a poor job of raising their boys to be strong men and not wimps.

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She pointed out that guys have forgotten how to pay attention to the small stuff and that timing is everything. That sarcasm isn't cute and goofy lines aren't funny. That contrary to what society wants to paint women want men to actually approach them with something deep and thought provoking so that a great conversation can evolve. 

Times are changing indeed so parents of boys if you haven't started yet start so now because the females are coming up stronger and wiser than ever! They have plenty to say and aren't afraid to say it and they aren't looking for someone to tell them what they already know about themselves...that they are beautiful. What they would like to hear instead is "hey, I saw you and automatically thought what can I do to add to your greatness."

My takeaway was how proud I am to bare witness to such an intelligent young woman who knows what she wants and knows her value without tearing down another. Who surrounds herself with people who want to make a difference in their lives and in society and aren't wrapped up in the shine being sold on social media. Confidence is a great thing to encourage I feel as parents we need to focus more on that and less on trying to fit in with everyone. I always say it is best to show your best self than the worst imitation. 

illustration by quotes gram.com

What do you think? In the list of things to teach our boys what are your priorities? 
Always stress free xo

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