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Stop Apologizing

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Hey my lovelies, happy Hump day!

I've been staring out the window in my office watching the cars go by and a huge smile came across my face thinking about my visit with my grandmother (baby #2) last night. She has linoleum flooring in the living room and for months now she has been very upset at the fact a piece under the sofa has torn away. She keeps asking me to fix it because "se ve muy feo (it looks very ugly)". So finally last night I invested my time on that. I had a friend of mine come with so we could take care of her floor.

During our visit and repairs I sat with her we laughed she asked the same five questions I answered in five different ways lol and we just cuddled up while my friend took care of her floor. I bought her a bag a seedless red grapes which she actually loves and expresses so. During our question session she asked about my daughter I showed her a picture of both of them on Sunday and she said "that's not me, I never met her before". I said "oh really, ok so look here is a better picture of her and I will tell her to come see you soon." I showed her a picture of my lil mama and widened the shot so she could see her face clearer. When I did this and handed her the phone I could see the joy in her eyes, she keep poking at my daughter's cheeks in the picture and smiling and giggling. I got teary eyed and had to take a deep breath. I got teary eyed on Sunday too, this situation really works on my emotions.

illustration by stepheniezamora.com

I share this story to pin point how precious life is, how valuable time is to valuable to be Apologizing for doing and being who we are.

Stop Apologizing for:
-not exercising
-exercising too much
-wearing tight jeans
-not wearing tight jeans
-having and enjoying sex with your partner or whom ever
-not having kids
-having more than two kids
-eating a piece a cake
-drinking your favorite wine
-not wearing makeup
-staying in bed all day
-going out to dinner and leaving the kid(s) at home
-buying yourself something nice
-not picking up the phone
-not following your friend on social media
-being single and loving your freedom
-choosing NOT to get married but starting your family
-being married and wanting to stay at home with your kids

Stop Apologizing for following your heart! For doing and being authentic to what makes you jump for joy and walk around with a smile on your face. For drawing outside the lines and for saying NO.

Be happy! Wake up with a smile, go to bed with a smile. Live in peace in your own skin. When the end of your journey is here what would you want your thoughts to be? Flashbacks of someone else's life or Your Life?

Always stress free xo

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