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It's ok to have a slice of Fun

Happy Thursday!

The weather and time of year are finally in sync! I've been enjoying all the awesome colors and warm weather tunes being played. I wanted to share two of my current favorite things. It's not literally food but a treat and fun none the less.

Thursday's Treat...something to inspire you to have an Awesome summer!!!

-My favorite song right now love the double meaning and its catchy beat makes me just want to get up and move. Be inspired to live moment by moment and let go of the rigid life style.

cake by the ocean!!!

-Photos. I took these recently on a walk around my neighborhood. I love bright happy blooming finds. They remind me to slow down and enjoy again...the moment. I used my IPhone 5 and Tadaa app for editing tell me what you think. Enjoy!

Always stress free xo,

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